Kathryn & Rafael. Engaged.

Kathryn and Rafael were originally matched on eHarmony in the Spring of 2010, but Kathryn claims that Rafael took his sweet time to ask her out on a date. It was nearly a year when he finally did, but it was during a very busy time in life for Kathryn. She took about 10 days to respond to him, only to tell him that she was about to leave the country for work. She did say that she would be thrilled to meet him when she returned. After a she got back from her trip, Kathryn heard from Rafael again and they finally set up that first date. When they met in person, Kathryn was taken by his accent, charm, humor and smile.

Kathryn waited many years to get married and God matched her with someone she never thought she’d be matched with. The years of waiting for the right man to come along have been worth it.

I’m looking forward to documenting your wedding this October! Congrats to Kathryn and Rafael!

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