The Perry Wedding.

Cierra had a friend at school who would talk about this cute boy she knew that lived down the road from her. One weekend, Cierra ended up staying with that friend. They rode their four wheelers down the road and passed by the cute boy’s house to see if he was home…and he was. The boy was outside riding on his dirt bike track that he and his father had built together. Cierra and her friend continued to ride down the road and pulled up to his driveway but he had already gone inside. They went to knock on his door anyways and Cierra’s friend introduced her to Chase, the boy who lived down the road. After they hung out for that little bit of time, a spark began. Chase asked for Cierra’s number and the rest is history. They were each others first serious and real relationship. And here they are, six years later married. Congrats to Chris and Cierra, I had a great time photographing your wedding.

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