The Self Wedding.

Leah and Dillon had a simple, yet beautiful wedding in the comfort of grandma’s ranch. There was something very calm and homey about this wedding. This wedding was a true DIY wedding, with barely any vendors. Most of the “vendors” were just friends and family (including yours truly) pulling together to help create this lovely, country and rustic wedding. The love was overwhelming, in a good way of course.

Dillon met the beautiful Leah while she was practicing her trick riding skills. He lived next door to where she would practice with her performance troupe. Dillon is such a caring and honest man and would go out of his way to help others. While I was photographing their wedding I could tell how good of a guy he was. He was saying ‘yes ma’am’ to me while listening to my direction. I told Leah “Wow, he is such a gentleman”. Leah was like, “Tell me something I don’t know!”. Leah says that Dillon always knows how to make her laugh (no matter how upset she is). He is also an amazing father to his son Cayden. Leah and Dillons hope for the future is to build a home together on a small ranch and begin a family (including some baby horses). Leah is such a sweet and strong woman and deserves to be with such a great guy! You should check out Leah’s bridal session here!

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