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You should follow me on Instagram. I recently got this app, which has led me to a new obsession. Oh dear. If you like my photography, maybe you’ll like the things I photograph with my iPhone? Tidbits from the life of yours truly. :) If you have the app, feel free to follow me @akarosebud or online by using this website.

These past months my boyfriend Philip and I went to the beach in Port Aransas to see some dear friends gettin’ hitched!

A butterfly wanted to say hello on my window.

My boyfriend, Philip and I went to Dallas to one of our favorite bands, Deer tick!

My sweet cat, Ashley was a fluffy, lazy bum.

Some dear friends adopted/rescued this sweet puppy. Meet Jango!

Puppy photoshoot!

Philip and I went to the Art and Jazz festival in good ol’ Denton, TX.

I picked up my dad, who flew home on the corporate jet! He got this new job and now gets to travel in style. : )

I splurged and got some lash extensions from Wax and Lash Bar. The sweet ladies who own it do fantastic work! I’m going back for sure.

Wonderful friends (and newlyweds) invited us to attend dinner with them. We made lemon bars for dessert.

In my sculpture class we had to create something made out of steel, so for my project I created a sculpture/commentary on scoliosis. Why? Because I have it.

Philip and I had a beautiful Sunday evening together, feasting at Greenhouse and relaxing on the square in Denton. We hula hooped with friends and ate cheese and drank wine till sunset!

I worked hard on my wood project for sculpture class.

Safety first! When working around sparks and hot flames especially!

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